June 6, 2023

Wedding Photography Timeline: A Crash Course


Feeling the planning overwhelm and wishing you had your own timeline to know exactly what’s happening when? It’s okay! You’re not alone, and you’re in the right place! One of the first steps I take with my clients is to create a wedding day photography timeline. This is the key in keeping us all on the same page so we don’t miss any of your big moments.

No one likes the unknown, especially on your wedding day(!). Welcome to a crash course on timelines, why vendors ask for them, and how to personalize your own.

You’ll be able to copy this free photography timeline template to get a sense of how wedding pros go about planning your dream day. When you’ve assembled your dream team of vendors, we’ll work together to make a fully formed timeline with all the details in place!

So — what’s a wedding photography timeline anyway?

A timeline is basically a way of keeping your day on track while capturing all the details that matter most to you. Gathering this intel might involve a questionnaire, a phone call, or sharing some Pinterest boards to illustrate what you’re envisioning for your wedding day photos. Once, I had a client share a slideshow she made just to capture the aesthetic! It was incredible. Feel free to get into it and have fun!

Want to make sure we take photos with your custom cake topper? Have an heirloom that you want captured? Let’s talk about it!

You might be thinking, “Cool; that’s great. But do they matter that much?”

It’s totally a matter of preference and every couple is different. That’s what makes this job so fun.

On the flipside, I don’t know who came up with the expression of “herding cats,” but truer words were never writ.

Pros of timelines:

1 – You’ll know exactly where to find me and when. As will your planner, your mom, or anyone else who you’d like to help you navigate the day. Sayin’ it again for the folks in the back– you’re not alone!

2 – Playing the day by ear can be fun when it comes to Saturdays or unexpected days off. Your wedding day, one of the biggest days of your life, with all the feels, so many people, and countless details that you’ve worked tirelessly to include in your day. You’ve worked so hard. When you’re working with five other wedding pros who are committed to making sure you look your best, improvising is tough. There’s not much of a safety net. Plus, why don’t you let us do the legwork for you?

3 – As one of the few people who’s by your side almost all day, my goal is to put your mind at ease however I can. This job includes wrangling distant cousins, making sure you have time to catch your breath, sneaking you snacks, and knowing when to give you a break! (Tip: This also means advocating on your behalf for alone time and distracting well-meaning and very excited family members!)

Cons of timelines:

… they do take time to fill out. Then again, this could be another pro because you’ll be making sure all the major points are in order. And maaaaybe, you’ll get a little more excited than you were before (if that’s possible!). The jury is out on this one.

Alright, so how does this wedding timeline work?

To make your own, copy and paste each sheet (there are two!) into your own Google Sheets or Excel. Then simply change the times according to your ceremony time. Think of this as a first draft to get out any initial “Holy cow, how do wedding days work?” worries. It’s going to change. It will probably change on the day, and that is okay.

Have more questions? Ask me anything right here!


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