your photographer

As an editorial wedding photographer in Nashville, I believe in small moments and big feelings, because those are what bring a story to life. In other words, I love to get to know you and all the details of your story.

Even after photographing weddings for over six years now, I still shamelessly tear up at every first dance because it is an honor to support you and capture your life as art.

Maybe it’s my background as a master social worker, but I feel my daily work is a dream come true. Since moving back home to Nashville, I have the pleasure of celebrating amazing people every day.

For me, wedding photography isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. My “why” is simple. Everyone deserves memories to have and to hold.



Summer & Lucas

 Stokes encouraged us to be us.
She listened to our vision and cared about letting us have fun and

live in the moment.